Aviara’s Premium AV40 Tender Is A High-Tech Luxury Day Boat Made For R&R

There seems to be a neverending torrent of luxurious boats out there, but every so often, an interesting platform comes along to rekindle our interest in the world of water tenders. Aviara’s most recent project, the AV40, is one such liner.

The Aviara AV40 Luxury Tender blurs the boundaries between performance and lavishness, boasting a sporty-looking exterior, a spacious interior cabin, and twin fold-down terraces that can expand outward for even more deck space. If you’re planning to enjoy a day on the water with friends, the boat houses a premium helm area, complete with barstool-style seating, an equipped kitchen, and drawer cooler, and ample storage for all of your important items. In the AV40’s cockpit, maritime pilots can utilize three premium screens to keep track of subtle details revolving around control, navigation, and trip information. If you’re the nocturnal type, the boat’s unique electronic sunroof can be retracted for stunning views of star-filled skies, allowing family and friends to enjoy a fun-filled day (and night) at sea. Head to Aviara’s website to enquire about your own AV40.

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