AVEX FreeFlow Water Bottle

Imagine the refreshing feeling that comes with taking a sip of cool, crisp water from your water bottle after an hours-long hike in the hot sun? If this doesn’t sound feasible to you, then you clearly have not experienced the beauty behind the Avex FreeFlow Stainless Autodial Water Bottle.

Each water bottle features18/8 capacitor stainless steel that keeps drinks cold for up to 29 hours and hot for up to 10, ideal for a cold winter’s night. There’s also an Auto-Seal button-operate lid that automatically seals between sips to eliminate spills, a drop-down lid that ensures easy cleaning and the protective spout cover to keep out any dirt or germs from the outside world. Of course, the Avex FreeFlow is dishwasher safe, 100-percent BPA-free and can hold up to 24-ounces of your favorite thirst quencher. So the next time you’re sweating on a midsummer’s hike, wishing you had something more than warmed water to keep you hydrated, remember the name Avex Freeflow. Available now for $30. [Purchase]

AVEX FreeFlow Stainless Autoseal Water Bottle 1

AVEX FreeFlow Stainless Autoseal Water Bottle 6