Ava Byte Smart Planter

Freshly grown micro greens, tomatoes, or basil can make ordinary meals extraordinary. So why don’t we all have our own little indoor gardens? Well, growing plants is hard. Thanks to the AVA Byte, however, you can now grow all of your favorite greens without hassle.

What makes this planter so great is the fact that it combines the already powerful technology of hydroponics with artificial intelligence. In order to operate this futuristic piece of kitchen equipment, all you need to do is plant your seed in one of the five pods, place it into the catch at the top of the planter, and then just let it do the work. Using technology inspired by NASA’s growing systems, Ava Byte will automatically self water your greens, using a smart sensing technology in order to keep track of progress, and can even synch up with Amazon Alexa. The result of all of this technology is that your tomatoes, herbs, berries, mushrooms, salad greens, and peppers will all grow incredibly quickly. The downside to all of this? You won’t have anything to blame if your plants die.

Indiegogo: $189+