Autosock Tire Traction Cover

Snow chains look pretty cool and they undoubtedly get your car or truck through snow and ice better, but really, when was the last time you emerged from your home at 8:30am, heading to work, and said “Hey, maybe I’ll just wrap some chains around these tires first” ? We’re gonna say never. That has never happened.

The Autosock goes on and off extremely quickly and easily, even in frigid weather, and its high-tech woven fabric grips the road with the kind of intense friction usually reserved for family holiday gatherings. They’re lightweight, they won’t hog up space in your trunk, there’s no extra noise or vibrations while driving, and they’re usable with alloy rims, even when metal chains not allowed. [Purchase]

Autosock Tire Traction Cover 2

Autosock Tire Traction Cover 3

Autosock Tire Traction Cover 4