Autodromo Stradale Watch

A big part of building out a good design is allowing yourself to take style cues from unexpected places. Autodromo executed this perfectly with their Stradale, a wristwatch that channels the slick attitude of the dashboard instruments on mid-century Italian cars.

A re-release, this version features new colorways but the same solid feel and reliable mechanical movement. A Japanese Miyota 9015 automatic 24 jewel rotates the hands around the pearl white face of the in the same way that a driver punching the gas would move a hand up the gauge on the dashboard of his car. Much in the same way that a finely tuned car is made that much better by hand crafted leather seats, the Stradale’s custom designed leather strap adds a nice touch to an already finely built machine. These watches are slated to ship in mid September and are available for preorder for $875. [Purchase]

Autodromo Stradale Watch

Autodromo Stradale Watch 1

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Autodromo Stradale Watch 9

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