Autodromo Ford GT Owner’s Edition Watch

The 2016 Ford GT supercar is a piece of automative art that made some noise in the gear world. Now, Autodromo is offering a customizable luxury chronograph that honors the 2016 beast that’s only available to Ford GT owners.

Autodromo and Ford teamed up to construct a wristwatch that perfectly complements the GT. The crown is a precise miniature version of the scroll wheel selectors of the Ford GT, the slotted crown and chromo pushers resemble the controls of the cockpit, the primary case material is ceramic, referencing the GT’s carbon-ceramic brakes, and there’s even a honeycomb dial with a sapphire overlay. It also features a Swiss Made La Joux-Perret automative movement that features a flyback complication to help with lap timing, as well as a column wheel mechanism for smooth operation. Furthermore, it has a blued column wheel and a custom rotor inspired by the wheels of the Ford GT, adorned with the Ford Performance logo. Each watch is customized via 3D online configuration, where you can choose the exact shade of your GT for the watch, before it’s built in the U.S. and packaged in an aluminum box that’s marked with the chassis number of both the watch and the vehicle. Build your fashion-forward Ford GT timepiece right now.

Purchase: $12,000