Give Your Ride Some DIY Showroom Shine With The AutoBuff Cordless Car Polisher

Although the average car owner will be more than satisfied with a quick spin through the carwash, auto enthusiasts are a bit more particular (read: obsessive) about their vehicle’s appearance. But let’s face it. Without investing in some cumbersome equipment or taking it in for a proper detailing, your ride will never look as good as it did when it rolled out of the showroom.

That is, it wouldn’t without the AutoBuff. Billed as a premium polisher for at-home applications, it features a wireless design and a dual-action movement. In practice, this means that you won’t be limited by outlet availability, extension cord length, or any other troublesome trivialities. And because you have the option of either a 3,400opm setting or a 3,800opm setting, it’s much easier to control in-hand. Its 4,000mAh battery is rated at about 45 minutes per charge, but topping it up is a breeze thanks to its USB-C cable compatibility. But the best part is that with three included pads, you have everything you need to make your car look factory fresh. You can back it on Kickstarter today from $89.

Kickstarter: $89+