Stash Your Supercar At This Opulent Full-Service Storage Center

If you’re the type that owns one of the world’s most absurdly-priced supercars and has a passion for automotive culture, finding the perfect spot to store, care for, and exhibit your vehicle might seem problematic. Luckily, Moorpark, California’s Autobahn Alliance has what you’re looking for — a balanced blend of enthusiast culture, cutting-edge storage facilities, and a familial atmosphere where your high-end car is your calling card.

Autobahn Alliance aims to be your one-stop-shop for everything car-related. The location’s secure, one-of-a-kind layout has been conceived to house some of the world’s finest vehicles, from enthusiast-owned supercars, all the way to luxurious, celebrity-owned collector’s editions. An expansive main area acts as a showroom for the Alliance’s most lauded examples, allowing members to evaluate their favorites, and drool over one another’s passion projects. To make your road-faring dream a reality, each platform will be subjected to scheduled detailing, maintenance, and concierge services handled in-house by the company’s dedicated team. Apart from the supplement of professional, high-end automotive services, Autobahn Alliance also provides the quintessential location for connoisseurs to meet, converse, and admire alongside likeminded individuals. With packages starting at just $400 a month, members will have access to an entire suite of exclusive perks, including a clubhouse area outfitted with a home-theater and gaming consoles, a lounge area, and a proposed coffee bar/work area. Head to the company’s website for more information.

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