Auto Fabrica Type 6

Minimalist isn’t usually a targeted design idea when it comes to bikes. Sure, there are basic strip downs and slim jobs, but none of them seem to change the entire look or feel of a bike; they only modify what’s already there. But this extraordinary build, the Type 6 by Auto Fabrica, is the quintessential minimalist motorcycle.

Auto Fabrica has taken a Yamaha XS650 and completely re-imagined it into a sleek and industrial-looking bike. The design company created a single carb conversion engine that was completely rebuilt with 0.5-oversize pistons that somehow make the incredibly well-designed XS650 engine look even better. The exhaust pipes also received a notable upgrade, as Auto Fabrica created handmade stainless steel pipes that were bent into perfect curves, each containing custom baffles hidden within. And the subtlest of changes to the headstock give the Type 6 a strong top line that’s nearly a horizontal line.

Auto Fabrica Type 6 2

Auto Fabrica Type 6 3

Auto Fabrica Type 6 4