Auto Fabrica Type 0.1 Mini Bike

What a way to start early, and for Auto Fabrica founders Bujar and Gaz Muharremi to give the gift of their very own style and grace to one lucky pint-sized rider. Are we allowed to be jealous here – cause it’s certainly difficult for us to not envy this young chap’s new set of wheels.

Dubbed the Type 0.1, inspiration for the build was an easy one: childhood adventure. So from here the good folks over at Auto Fabrica modeled this build off their very own Type 7s. Clearly, the goal of the project was to outfit the Type 0.1 with enough off-road and on-road street smarts to tackle both terrains with ease. So with that in mind, they used a single speed 50cc two-stroke Italian Franco Morini engine for the ride and used the frame and 10” wheels from another mini bike from the ‘70s to get started. The rear shocks were customized for the bike, and the front forks were snatched up from a more modern mini bike to give it that sleek appearance while the exhaust was their own special in-house job complete with a heat shield to protect the little rider’s leg from any heat. The tank was also salvaged from another bike – trimmed to suit the mini ride – a set of knobby tires gives it an outdoor-friendly appearance, and some small MX bars with a basic setup completes the mini scrambler.

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