Auto Collector’s Garage by Paulo Martins

Jan 2, 2018

Category: Living

A garage is often thought of as a utilitarian space for tinkering on projects, a place that is dirty and greasy, or a shed for keeping junk out of sight and out of mind. But for one motorsports enthusiast of Agueda, Portugal their garage is place of petrol worship, a true gallery of automotive performance designed by the Paulo Martins Architecture and Design Studio.

The structure has a simple and unassuming rectangular box form, clad in aluminum siding and with a large steel pergola planted adjacent to the building. Four generously wide roll up doors tuck into the ceiling, giving no obstructions to block overhead lighting for a bright, museum quality experience in the pristine white interior of the space. The floor plan has capacity for four full size vehicles, a separate bay for motorcycles, and built-in work surfaces with storage cabinets. Equal parts auto shop and exhibit hall, this garage is definitely worth drooling over.

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