Traverse Winter Wilds Aboard The World’s First All-Electric Snowmobile

Electric powertrains have steadily become the next frontier of automotive innovation, and thanks to the implementation of today’s cutting-edge technologies in everything from motorcycles to supercars, it wasn’t long before it was adopted into other areas of transportation. The Electric Snowmobile by Aurora Powertrains is one such example — offering instantaneous torque, capable power, and silent acceleration to the snow-savvy community.

Originally, Aurora Powertrains’ Electric Snowmobile was devised for the company’s Aurora eMotion experience: an arctic safari that allows up to 16 adults to traverse Rovaniemi’s snow-covered landscape in Finland in search of wildlife, photo opportunities, and educated traversal of the environment. To augment the rider’s connection to the outdoors, the electric snowmobile allows for the individual to become one with nature, dismantling the need for excessive noise, and helping to leave the natural landscape relatively undisturbed. They feature regenerative braking, state-of-the-art thermal management, emergency/crash alerts, and vehicle location/status info to ensure safety, no matter where you travel. Right now, only two variants of the snowmobile are available; an 80kW Touring edition, and a 100kW Utility edition, which offer users speeds of 98- and 104-kilometers-per-hour, respectively. Aurora Powertrains’ recently-announced Long Range edition is yet to come, but interested parties can contact the company for more information on pricing and availability via their website.

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