Audio-Technica Wireless Headphones

Depending on the connection and range the player is from a pair of headphones, fidelity can vary pretty widely with wireless devices. As result, audiophiles are relatively wary of them. Audio-Technica’s brand new AH-DSR9BT wireless headphones, however, look to be among the few that audio geeks can truly rely on.

Just a quick look at the specs on these new headphones will show the extent to which they’re a cut above the rest. When you play music with these beauties, the audio files get compressed and decompressed using the new 24 bit 48kHz Qualcomm aptX HD codec and transmitted via Bluetooth using Trigence Semiconductor’s Dnote chipset, providing for a much higher fidelity despite the lack of wires. As far as the actual speakers go – these headphones boast 45mm drivers set in a diaphragm coated with a diamond-like coating that work to produce a wide range of 5 to 45,000 Hz frequency. Long story short? These headphones are going to sound just as good if not better than most of the wired-up picks out there. Price start at $550. [Purchase]

Audio Technica Wireless Headphones 1

Audio Technica Wireless Headphones 2