Audi Sport Racing Bike

The wizards at Audi are taking some of their car smarts and applying it to the world of bicycles, as the Audi Sport Racing Bike features a heaping helping of the company’s design DNA. How does a 13 lb. bicycle sound? You’re looking at one.

Lightweight is taken to the next level with a frame and wheels that are made from T1000 carbon fiber, the same material used in the R8 e-tron Quattro’s’ cockpit. Developed in collaboration with CarbonSports company, the Audi Sport Racing Bike also features a saddle covered in fine nappa leather, last seen in the second generation Audi R8 interior. Each bicycle gets a limited edition badge that bears the edition number from 1 through to 50. Pick one up for 17,500 euros, or about $18,403.

Audi Sport Racing Bike 2

Audi Sport Racing Bike 3