LUMMA Design Boosts Audi’s RSQ8 To 700HP With Its Bespoke Tuning Kit

It’s safe to say that Audi’s automotive lineup has become one of the most modified in history, especially since the popularity of its platforms has seemingly skyrocketed in recent years. Now, LUMMA Design is adding to the manufacturer’s long list of aftermarket builds with the RSQ8 CLR 8 RS — a sporty, carbon-clad SUV that’s become all-the-more slick, thanks to the brand’s multitudinous upgrades.

To give the Audi RSQ8 CLR 8 RS a more formidable appearance, LUMMA has introduced a suite of entirely overhauled carbon-fiber peripherals, including a roof spoiler, rear diffuser, panels, and 60mm front/rear extensions. Inside, the company continues its custom onslaught, outfitting the vehicle with tailor-made pedals, mats, and premium leather upholstery. But it’s the RSQ8’s enhanced powerplant that steals the show here. Thanks to a gracious ECU upgrade and quad-exit sports exhaust, the vehicle has been boosted from an already-capable 592 horsepower, to a mind-boggling 700HP, making it the sleek, street-savvy rocket that we always knew it might become. If you’re interested in outfitting your own Audi with this performance-focused kit, head to LUMMA’s website to inquire about the $43,000 project.

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