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Wheelsandmore’s Tuned ‘Goliath’ Boosts Audi’s RS Q8 SUV To 1,010HP

For many aftermarket tuners and customization companies, there’s a certain allure to rebellion. The art of transforming a vehicle and creating something much more formidable, menacing, or capable, has always been at the forefront of the automotive counterculture, and now, Wheelsandmore has taken on Audi’s very own RS Q8 SUV for the aptly-named “Goliath” — a 1,010-horsepower project that could very well be one of the most unassuming sleepers on the market.

To give the RS Q8 some legs of its own, Wheelsandmore has opted to transform the vehicle’s stock twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V8 into a monstrous catalyst, acting as the proverbial foundation for its long list of modifications, parts, and upgrades. After fitting the vehicle with larger turbochargers, a free-flow exhaust system (devoid of particulate filters), and tweaking its ECU to garner higher output, the company was forced to electronically limit the vehicle’s overall power, in fear that the dramatic jump would tear the engine in two. A viable concern, considering the 1,010-horsepower/922 ft-lb of torque SUV has added nearly 419 horses to the vehicle’s overall production. Sadly, the Goliath isn’t street legal, so you’ll have to settle for one of the company’s lesser packages if you’re hoping to fulfill your speed-focused desires. Head to Wheelsandmore’s website to pick out your very own package for $2,800 and up.

Purchase: $2,800+