The Audi ‘Dffrent Allroad’ Pushes The 4×4 Luxury Sport Wagon To Its Limits

The Overlanding world is chock-full of SUVs and trucks that are heavily modified, allowing them to spend inane amounts of time off-grid. What you don’t see often, however, is a luxury vehicle that’s been converted into something far more formidable — something that designer/photographer Gene Pascua has made possible with his unique Audi Dffrent Allroad.

On the designer’s Facebook and Instagram pages, viewers are treated to a menagerie of interesting photos revolving around Pascua’s fully-outfitted Audi. From mountaintops to canyons, and everything in between, his heavily-customized luxury vehicle shows no fear, calling upon its bolstered roof rack, light bars, spot illuminators, spare tires, and tools to ensure that he’s never stuck in an irreversible rut. In order to provide readers and viewers with information surrounding each of his bespoke loadouts, he provides relevant information on what it is that he takes, and how he prepares for each unique trip. So, if you’re interested in doing something similar, or just want to see an out-of-this-world Audi doing things an Audio shouldn’t do, head over to his Facebook.

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