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The Audi APR RS7 Is The World’s Fastest Armored Car

When you think of armored vehicles, it’s common to imagine hulking SUVs that look more like street tanks. Taking a new spin on the concept of a shielded transporter, the Audi APR RS7 Armored Car By AddArmor is here to introduce some novelty into the arena.

According to AddArmor, the APR RS7 is the world’s fastest armored car — clocking in a top speed of 202 mph. Under the hood you’ll find an APR Plus Stage II system with twin-turbo 4.0 L V8 producing 760 hp and 800 lb-ft of torque, allowing it to blast off to 60 mph in a mere 2.9 seconds. The car features polycarbonate weave cocooning that weighs 60% less than ballistic steel but is 10 times stronger. For extra protection, AddArmor installed special windows with a multi-layer mixture of polycarbonate and ballistic glass. The APR RS7 provides passengers with European B4 levels of protection, so you’ll be safe from handguns, which includes rounds from a monster .44 Magnum. And if that isn’t enough James Bond-level tech for you, AddArmor also equipped the ride with pepper spray dispensers, a sonic sound canon, custom smokescreen system, 360° night vision camera, mine/explosion detection system, and electric-shock door handles. The armored RS7 is available now for $205,000.

Purchase: $205,000