Audi Aicon Concept

Purposed as the car of the future, Audi is making a bold statement with their new Aicon Concept four-door that comes stock without any pedals or even a steering wheel. That’s because the conceptual vehicle is driven by Audi’s very own AI – thus serving as an informative snapshot into the future of personal transportation.

In addition to its self-driving capabilities, the range on this all-electric car pushes the 500-mile threshold on a full charge and a top speed of 80 mph – which will certainly come in handy for passengers enjoying the fruits of a vehicle that no longer requires an actual driver to operate it. The result is a truly first class cabin complete with five-star ergonomics and amenities including interior screens, seats that move up to 20 inches on dedicated platforms, mood lighting, and glass roof panels with adjustable transparency levels. On the exterior, hundreds of “eyes” now replace the headlights, literally following passers-by and other cars for enhanced safety. Clearly, it’s still just a concept at this point, but nevertheless, offers up a glimpse into a luxurious future.

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