Audi’s AI-Powered 310-Mile All-Electric 4×4 Has 5 Headlight Drones

When we heard that Audi was creating an electric off-road vehicle, we knew that it was going to exceed the industry’s expectations. The manufacturer is well-known for its futuristic design principles, with vehicles like the A3, E-Tron, and TT boasting some of the most interesting silhouettes, and capabilities, around. Now, they’ve fully revealed the anticipated off-roader — an all-electric romper known as the AI:TRAIL Quattro.

The AI:TRAIL Quattro is a futuristic example that’s sure to define the company’s vehicles, moving forward. Not only is it powered by four wheel-bound electric motors — offering 320 kilowatts of power, and over 737 lb-ft of torque to help it traverse any terrain you’ll be able to throw at it — but it also features electronically-coordinated driving stability and traction control. That means that it forgoes differentials, locks, and even a multi-speed transmission. Because the outfit has painstakingly calculated that the AI:TRAIL’s lithium-ion battery is capable of 248 to 310 miles per charge, they’ve limited the vehicle’s road-faring speed to just 80.8 miles-per-hour, noting both safety and power consumption as primary concerns. It also boasts a number of automated systems and even has a set of five, triangular, rotorless drones that act as headlights and can fly around the vehicle, attach to the roof rack, and/or dock on conductive charging elements when they’re low on power. If you’re looking for an in-depth dive into the company’s newest electric vehicle, head to Audi’s website.

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