Audi Is Building An AI-Assisted All-Electric Off-Road SUV

Now that all-electric powertrains have become more widely accepted in the car world, we’re finally starting to see manufacturers play around with the possibilities. And while some are almost comically absurd, some are a bit closer to being production-ready. Audi’s newly-announced AI:TRAIL Quattro sits somewhere in the middle.

Unfortunately, the details of this upcoming concept are exceedingly scarce. But there are a few tidbits we can glean. For starters, we know the SUV is meant to be all-electric and will feature the brand’s legendary AWD system. Furthermore, the open-wheel design appears to suggest that this vehicle is meant to take on extreme terrain — not just some gravel and mud. And lastly, the name implies that this 4×4 off-roader will have some measure of artificial intelligence built-in, likely in regards to both the drive system and cabin controls. We’ll have to wait for the official reveal at Frankfurt, but we’re more than a little excited about this ambitious project.

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