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Audi’s AI:ME Autonomous EV Is A Self-Driving Garden Relaxation Station

The possibility of autonomous vehicles has vastly altered the transportation potential of the near future. And several manufacturers are already illustrating how we might capitalize on that potential via cars that are less vehicle and more living space. Audi’s AI:ME concept, teased last year, was one such vehicle. But now the German marque has further illustrated its vast potential with a much more in-depth look at this year’s CES show.

The compact car is intended to reshape the way we think about urban transportation. And if this concept ever comes to fruition, it might do just that. A fully-electric vehicle, the AI:ME would use artificial intelligence to ferry around riders, allowing them the freedom to enjoy the views, get some work done, or even don a VR headset for some immersive entertainment — rather than tying them to the task of, well, driving. To increase the comfort and relaxation offered by the vehicle, Audi has even installed a kind of moon roof trellis and interior panels on which actual living vines might grow, lending a bit more hominess to the project. It remains to be seen where this concept is headed, but Audi does seem intent on keeping the project alive.

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