Audemars Piguet Finally Builds Their Iconic Royal Oak Watch With Titanium

Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar is a mainstay within the world of horology, and it would be shortsighted to say that the watchmaker’s transition into modern design hasn’t already caused some waves within the community. But the company’s latest project — a Chinese exclusive that honors the country’s New Year — is one for the record books, marking the first the time that the Royal Oak has received a full titanium construction.

The attractive watch retains much of the poise that made it a staple to begin with. A handsome 41-millimeter case and linked bracelet adorn its exterior, while inside, a powerful and precise Calibre 5134 calls upon a complex, 374-part system to ensure adequate measurement of mankind’s most volatile construct. Four circular windows adorn the watch’s slate grey, “Grande Tapisserie” patterned dial, demarcating the day, date, astronomical moon, month, and leap year. As the first Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Edition to take on a full-titanium construction, Piguet’s newest watch is relatively important — and with only 88 pieces slated for production at a price of $78,300 each, the timekeeper is sure to rouse more than a few contemporary collectors.

Purchase: $78,300