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A Trio Of Legendary Raw Stainless Steel Ford Cars Are Headed To Auction

Publicity stunts rarely end in spectacular fashion, but when it came to the unlikely unison of both Ford and Allegheny Ludlum Steel all the way back in 1935, the world was gifted with an interesting, limited-run collection of stainless-steel-bodied Deluxe Tudor sedans. Over 24 years later, the pair would reunite for a collaboration, producing two unique 1960 Thunderbirds — and again, seven years later, focusing this time on the 1967 Lincoln Continental.

Needless to say, many of these eye-catching models were lost over the years, and out of the 11 that were made, only nine are believed to have survived. That alone makes Worldwide Auctioneers’ “Stainless Steel Trifecta” all the more noteworthy. Scheduled to be auctioned off without reserve in the upcoming Auburn Auction, the collection’s 1936 Tudor sedan, 1960 Thunderbird, and 1967 Lincoln Continental are believed to be the among the most impeccably-kept vintage models from their respective eras and feature the renowned stainless-steel skins, bumpers, grilles, exhausts, and bodies that were gifted to them by Allegheny Ludlum Steel so long ago. No prices have been confirmed for the cars, but judging by recent auction figures for similar models, you can expect the trio to accrue well over $1,000,000. Head to Worldwide Auctioneers’ website for more information.

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