Auction Block: Steve McQueen’s Honda CB450

Back in August of 1972 Honda – a new brand to the American market at the time – had a brilliant marketing idea. Gift the King of Cool – Steve McQueen – with a brand new CB450 motorcycle for him to star in a Honda commercial with that very same bike. Well, that and a cool $1 million of course. Now, that very same bike is up for auction.

Yes, that means you could own the very bike gifted to Mr. McQueen himself. The CB450 comes equipped with a double overhead cam, black leather seat, green metallic painted tank, and an odometer that reads 19,417. You’ll also get proof of the “sale” to McQueen’s Solar Productions film company marking it as promotional and the CB450 also hosts the original vanity CA vanity plate reading “McQueen” as well. Should you decide to take a stab at bidding on this ride best bring your checkbook – at this time the leading bid stands at $50,000.

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