Auction Block: Peugeot Break 4×4 Dangel

If you’ve heard the sound of a Peugeot Break 4×4 Dangel revving to life, then you are in rare company. Only 500 were ever produced, and only 20 are known to exist in greater Europe, as most were shipped to North Africa to be stripped and sold for spare parts. Now, one of the last remaining of this endangered species is heading to auction, and if you have the cash flow, you can poach a piece of history.

This particular Peugeot was used as an utility vehicle at the French-supervised Leptis Magna archaeological site a Roman city in Libya. Once the excavation was completed in 2014, it was returned to Italy, where officials realized that they had on their hands an artifact of their own. Thus, a careful restoration was commissioned for the Dangel. Though built for the offroad – four-wheel traction keeps this SUV gripped tightly to the ground – this beautiful restoration prohibits anything but exhibition in a museum. Examine the paint job, and you’ll find the history of Peugeot emblazoned on the trim like an ancient tablet. If you want an unusual vehicle with a deep history embedded in it, then your chariot awaits with this Peugot Break 4×4 Dangel.

Purchase: $19,000+