Auction Block: Brabus 190E 3.6S Lightweight

In the 1980s, German engineering was king in the automotive world. But while the likes of Mercedes and BMW were fighting over who could build the best comfortable commuter sedan, Brabus decided to do something a little different. In 1988, they created a prototype for a completely stripped-down driving-focused saloon that died before it was even given a chance to shine. Then, in 2008, a brand-spanking new Mercedes-Benz 190E 3.6S Lightweight was commissioned. Now, that one-of-a-kind car is up for sale.

When we call this a driver’s car, we mean it was built exclusively for road enthusiasts, as it has nothing you might find in similar sedans – namely no A/C and no back seats. What it does have, however, is a heavily-modified straight six 3.6-liter Mercedes M103 engine capable of 268 horsepower (which is a lot for a car that weighs so little). It also features high-performance disc brakes, a Bilstein shock system, a roll cage, and a Signal Red paint job. This incredibly rare resto-mod can be yours for $181,889.

Purchase: $181,889