Auction Block: Historic WWII Jeep Collection

Ford GPW Jeep

When you think of Monaco, a bunch of old work-horse vehicles aren’t usually the first thing that come to mind, but that is exactly what will be put up for auction on May 14th of this year. Along with a host of cars in the Quttroruote collection, three World War II era trucks are going to be put up on the block; a 1942 Willys MB Military Jeep, a 1942 Ford GPW Military Jeep, and a 1962 and a 1962 Fiat 1101A Campagnola from 1962.

Despite being old and a bit clunky, we think these are among the best in the collection. Still in running condition, this 1942 Ford GPW Military Jeep has a 60 horsepower, 134 cubic inch, four-cylinder engine that drives power to all four wheels through its three speed manual transmission. Built in Dearborn, Michigan in 1942, this ‘General Purpose Willy’ still bears the U.S. military numbering on the body, spare jerry can, and tools. The Willys MB Military Jeep also carries the same L-head engine as its GPW companion, but was built by Willys-Overland – a company based out of Toledo, Ohio. After being rolled out of the factory, it was then used by the British for the remainder of the second World War. While the third truck, the 1962 Fiat 1101A Campagnola, wasn’t produced during the war like the Jeeps, its design and production was inspired by the iconic American vehicle. Built for the Italian Armed Forces, this truck has a 1963 four-cylinder diesel engine with a four speed manual transmission. While the Fiat is an utterly capable truck, more significantly, it is an early look at the influence the American Jeep had on the world. Prices start at $15,000. [Purchase]

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