Auction Block: Golden Era Rally Car Collection

Often heralded as the “golden age” of rallying, the 1980s marked the introduction of the infamous Group B class. With a two-seat minimum requirement, few engine modification restrictions, and unlimited boost potential, Group B cars allowed for a virtually unchecked amount of experimentation. What resulted were some of the fastest cars rallying had ever seen.

Now you have the rare opportunity to own not just one but five cars from this iconic era of motorsport. The first among them is a 1986 MG Metro 6R4 manned by Malcolm Wilson and Nigel Harris. Done up in its trademark blue and white Computervision livery, it underwent a modern mechanical rebuild but still bears its exterior battle scars. Next is a 1987 DAM4100, just one of five cars born from the legendary Appleby-Pond collaboration and the first amongst the prototypes. Based on the MG Metro 6R4, it makes for a seriously impressive piece of engineering. Rounding out the collection are three Renault 5 Turbos, each with a story to match. For instance, the 1987 ‘Superproduction’ went on to win the Championnat de France de Supertourisme and is just one of three examples made for the drive. What’s more, the 1984 Maxi variant is a genuine one-of-one within the UK, as recognized by Renault. Finally, the 1982 Group 4 car won the French Rally Championship and became the first two-wheel-drive car at the 1984 Rallye Monte-Carlo, finishing 4th overall. The collection will go up for sale at the NEC Classic Live Online Auction on November 13th and 14th.

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