Auction Block: General Patton’s Dodge WC57 Command Car

Militarized vehicles are always a sight for sore eyes when the cross the auction block, especially when they have an interesting story to back them up. And while the Dodge WC57 Command Car that you see here might be lacking in the “credentials” department, Worldwide Auctioneers has reason to believe that it was one of late General George S. Patton’s personal transports.

The WC57 was a purpose-built military vehicle produced by Dodge from 1942 to 1945 in an effort to support the war effort overseas. As a favorite among U.S. Army Officers and those in commanding roles, they were widely recognized by both American and foreign forces, including Germany’s foot soldiers and pilots. As a result, they were regularly targeted by axis military, leading to Dodge’s reevaluation of the vehicle alongside the addition of armored flaps, plates, a Browning M2 .50-caliber machine gun, and loud, overbearing horns that were used to denote rank and standing to the area’s personnel. On Patton’s original 230cid, inline-six-powered model, mechanics also included a bespoke handrail behind the vehicle’s front seats, allowing him to maintain a firm grasp as he briefed troops from atop the platform. If you’re interested in acquiring one of wartime’s most iconic vehicles, head to Worldwide Auctioneers’ website for more info.

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