Auction Block: First Street-Legal McLaren F1

At some point around the year 1995, the 37th example of McLaren’s F1 hypercar rolled out of the factory. And, while 64 total would be made – making them an exceptionally rare motor vehicle in and of themselves – this one was even more special. That’s because it was the first ever street-legal American F1 (of only 7). And now that very same vehicle is going up for auction through Bonhams.

Incredibly, this 6.1-liter V12-powered car had only one owner since its creation and racked up a grand total of just 7,071 miles driven. And that’s about as close to brand-new as you can get at this point. It’s also got the added benefit of going through regular maintenance via BMW – so you can probably expect to get near the original top speed of 240mph, 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds, and access most of the original 627 horsepower. Regardless, this mint-condition vehicular marvel is sure to go for a small fortune and end up in the hands of someone very lucky (and rich).

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