Auction Block: Electric Porsche 356 Speedster Replica

Porsche’s 356 Speedster is undeniably one of the most beautiful automotive designs of all time, boasting an elite legendary status shared by exceedingly few other models. With less than 4,000 units built across its entire production run, genuine examples carry enormous price-tags, and even if you do manage to get your hands on one, there’s the matter of dealing with the reliability and maintenance involved with the 356’s antiquated sixty-something-year-old powertrain. And, it’s for these reasons that this all-electric 356 Speedster replica is of such note.

This Vintage Speedsters replica underwent a full EV conversion in 2017, and now features a 96-volt Curtis single-shaft motor drawing from five Tesla Model S battery modules and linked to a Volkswagen four-speed transaxle. Built atop a shortened Volkswagen chassis and cloaked in fiberglass bodywork adorned in a Fjord Green livery, the car rides on 15” wheels with polished Porsche hubcaps. The interior sports a wood-rimmed steering wheel, Spyder-style leather bucket seats, door-pannels, and trim, and a digital EV instrumentation display set in custom aluminum bezels just under the dashboard. Registered in California, this Electric Porsche 356 Speedster replica is currently up for auction on Bring-a-Trailer, where bidding has reached $8,008 (with seven days remaining) as of the time of writing.

Purchase: $8,008+