Auction Block: 355-Mile 1976 Datsun 280Z

Not a day goes by without hearing about the next miraculous “barn find” that someone found nestled away amidst clutter and cobwebs, seemingly untouched since it was first parked. At this point, it’s a theme that’s almost become played out to the point of cliche. That being said, every so often you do hear word of a true gem, like this 355-mile 1976 Datsun 280Z, for example.

After it was first purchased from Campus Datsun of Philadelphia, it was partially disassembled and stored in a garage until it changed hands in 2019. Since that time, the current owner has spared no expense restoring the classic Z car, including extensive interior detailing, fluid changes, brake rebuilds, and valve adjustments, among a long list of work that he’s performed. For instance, under the hood, it hides a 2.8L L28 inline-six complete with matching numbers. Inside, there’s a three-spoke steering wheel to complement the high-back bucket seats and matching black vinyl interior. And when you consider that it comes with its original paint, wheels, owner’s manual, and tools, the result is a vehicle that isn’t just a car; it’s a time capsule that takes you right back to the day it rolled off the lot.

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