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Auction Block: 2019 MAT New Stratos Coupé

During the heyday of off-road rally racing, Lancia’s Stratos was a formidable opponent. To say that the platform was “feared” by its counterparts would be an understatement, and after accruing over 80 international wins, it was undeniable that the brand’s monstrous contender would scrawl its name within rally’s illustrious history books. Though the car was prematurely discontinued in 1978, it’s been a centerpiece of the community ever since — and now, Manufattura Automobili Torino’s revised 21st-century vehicle is up for auction.

Dubbed the 2019 MAT New Stratos Coupé, this glorious rendition replicates the grandeur of the original, calling upon its remarkable wedge styling, mid-engine layout, and illustrious livery to create something much more contemporary. Below its hood, the New Stratos calls upon a Ferrari F430 Scuderia-sourced V8 engine, usurping the car’s original, and bringing it to a staggering 540 horsepower. To cope with these inherent enhancements, the carbon-fiber-wonder has adopted a revised exhaust system and ECU tune, resulting in over 37 more horsepower than the platform’s included engine. This, coupled with over 110-pounds of weight savings, was conceptualized to make the next-generation Stratos a glorious reintroduction of the once-fabled rally racer, but in 2010, the project came to a screeching halt. Of the 25 examples slated for production, the finished-in-2019 MAT New Stratos you see here is said to be the first, making it an undeniable collector’s item, and a surefire pickup for enthusiasts looking to secure a piece of automotive history. Head to Bonhams website, where the vehicle is listed for auction at $770,000.

Purchase: $770,000+