Auction Block: 2015 Land Rover Defender SVX ‘Spectre’

One of the most magnificent car chases of all time, the Alps scene in Spectre required the customizers at Bowler to built ten Land Rover Defender SVXs — all exactly the same. And while many of them didn’t survive the shoot, a select few did. This particular battle-damaged example had a brush with death, but came out the other side and is now up for auction.

In spite of the fact that this assortment of off-roaders was actually built for the film’s villains, we’re still counting them as James Bond cars — if only for how completely badass they are. If you need a reminder, each one was equipped with a beefed-up suspension with rose joints and Bilstein rally dampers, a heavy-duty roll cage, massive 37″ tires, and even a hydraulic handbrake. What’s even more impressive is that, despite being barrel-rolled, this sinister SUV is still driveable. And it can be yours, so long as you’ve got between $197,000-$254,000.

Purchase: $197,000+