Auction Block: Land Rover Defender 90 ‘Unique’

As it stands, Land Rover Defenders have become pretty hard to come by. And classic examples that are still up to snuff are even fewer and further between. This 2013 D90 by GT Gallery, however, has all the styling of the classic ’60s SUVs, but in a contemporary package.

With a ground-up disassembling, followed by a chassis treatment, this deliberately “neo-retro” styled Land Rover had every single detail on it pored over, resulting in this beautiful beast you see before you today. The modifications include a vintage pastel polished paint job, Italian leather trim throughout the interior, custom saddle stitching on the upholstery, galvanized body parts, and the addition of old-school doors. Even the grilles and badges have been swapped out for heritage versions. It’s also got 121 BHP via a manual transmission and diesel engine under the hood and 4WD. And the best part is, though its a dead ringer for a classic example, it’s priced far lower at $68,656.

Purchase: $68,656