Auction Block: 1996 Porsche 911 GT2

Porsche’s iconic cars might not be known for their monstrous outputs or genre-defining technological implementations, but when it comes to awe-inspiring design, physique, and sophistication, they’re second to none. The 993 GT2, a parting gift for fans of the German manufacturer’s air-cooled 911 line, is one of the company’s finest offerings. And now, an immaculate example is headed to auction.

As the culmination of Porsche’s pursuit of the perfect air-cooled platform, the 1996 911 GT2 you see here is one of only 194 road-faring models, striking the perfect middle ground between rarity and refinement. A fully-modernized suite of quality-of-life upgrades, including, but not limited to air conditioning, factory airbags, electric windows, and air conditioning, have been implemented to give the car an air of contemporary character, complementing its slimline personality. After shedding almost 500 pounds when compared to its peer, the 911 Turbo, this exceptional vehicle was gifted with a 430 horsepower twin-turbocharged engine, opting to forego the all-wheel-drive persona of its counterpart, and adding a new six-speed transaxle/asymmetrical 40/60 limited-slip differential. Only 18,000 miles have been put on the ‘96 Porsche since it left the factory, making its estimated price of $950,000 all the more acceptable. Head to RM Sotheby’s website to learn more.

Purchase: $950,000+