Auction Block: 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo Prototype

Before Porsche’s established 993 lineup made its way into the public eye, the company crafted a small selection of prototype vehicles for street and track use. As you can imagine, these ultra-rare platforms are increasingly hard to come by — but now, an immaculately kept 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo from the German manufacturer’s original program has emerged from the shadows.

The ‘94 911 you see before you is one of Porsche’s earliest prototype vehicles for the 993-generation — a stubborn, beautiful car that would eventually replace the company’s 964. As an early test vehicle at Weissach, this particular model was pulled directly from the assembly line without a drivetrain for research purposes by Porsche’s Racing and Technical Development unit. Rear deck spoilers, a specially-crafted nose element, and wide fender flares were added to the car, citing its use as a guinea-pig for some of the manufacturer’s earliest refinements. The 911 was eventually sold to a Porsche dealer in Hofheim — but not before the engine and transmission, which were top secret at the time, were dismantled and removed from the vehicle. Upon release of the official 911 Turbo to the public, the company returned both components to the car’s owner. As one of the only surviving vehicles from the company’s prototype testing grounds, the Schwarz Black 911 is a rare and unique vehicle with an undeniable lineage. The car will be available for purchase at RM Sothebys Essen 2019 auction on the 11th of April where it’s expected to garner over $330,000.

Purchase: $330,000+