Auction Block: 1994 BMW 318 IS ST

BMW has a long history of making trophy-winning race cars, but keeping those cars in working condition after they’ve left the track is another story. Some get wrecked, some fall into disrepair. But, every once in a while, we come across one that looks like it’s still in peak racing condition — which is exactly the case with this 1994 BMW 318 IS ST that’s headed to the auction block.

Winner of the 1994 SPA 24h endurance race, this speedster was given by BMW Motorsport to Team Bigazzi — who then prepared it for the track, to be piloted by Roberto Ravaglia, Thierry Tassin, and Alexander Burgstaller. And it won that race by a huge quarter-lap margin. Shortly after, it was acquired by Belgian racer, Willy Maljean, who added it to his personal collection and kept it in impeccable condition. Following Maljean’s untimely 2016 death, the car is now being offered up for sale, and it is still race-ready — complete with its M3 GT body kit, two sets of wheels, and all its original parts. Contact Art & Revs for pricing information.

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