Auction Block: 1991 Isdera Imperator 108i

Originally introduced as a Mercedes-Benz concept car in 1978 known as the CW311, the Isdera Imperator 108i was an exotic German supercar produced from 1984 through 1993, with only 30 units being completed in total. Despite the enormous rarity of these seldom-seen supercars, one of the final specimens produced has recently surfaced for sale at an upcoming Bonhams auction.

Powered by a Mercedes-sourced 5.0L V8 engine that put down 300hp, the Imperator 108i was capable of speeds of over 175mph, offered competent cornering, and boasted an interior that featured a number of elements plucked from Porsche’s 928. Being a 1991 model year, the specimen that’s headed to auction would be the first production year to receive a minor cosmetic facelift that included the addition of several NACA ducts, plus a redesigned front grille and headlight configuration — making this already-rare car all the more noteworthy. This particular 1991 Isdera Imperator 108i is slated to cross the auction block at Bonhams’ upcoming Les Grandes Marques à Monaco’ sale in Monaco, where it’s expected to fetch between $590,000 and $830,000. For more information, you can check out the auction page on Bonhams’ website linked below.

Purchase: $590,000+