Auction Block: 1988 Knight Rider Pontiac Firebird

There were three KITT cars made for the popular TV series Knight Rider, starring the one and only David Hasselhoff, but only one of them survived. That surviving vehicle just so happens to be decked out in the show’s ‘Super Pursuit Mode’ modifications.

If this car could actually talk, it would have plenty of stories to tell, but it still does have the pulsing red light on the front, which flashed when KITT would speak. This car also features functional flaps on the rear quarters that are able to fold away from the car for further “braking power,” a style that is said to be associated with the Bugatti Veyron, and  an interior that’s equipped with the iconic KITT dash and steering wheel. In production, KITT number one would be filmed for the transforming scenes, KITT number two would do all the driving and KITT number three, this one right here, was the reserve car. With the Firebird’s 170hp V8 engine, this would be quite a ball to drive on the open road, especially because it will get people talking, and although it doesn’t come with any Artificial Intelligence, you can definitely add your own. Look to nab this car on September 19.

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