Auction Block: 1985 Porsche Carrera Rally Car

All Photos: Jeff Zwart

Aside from a handful of gems (including the E30 BMW M3), the 80’s didn’t necessarily produce anything groundbreaking in the automobile world. However, the good people over at Luftgekühlt, a brand founded to pay tribute to all air-cooled cars in the Porsche world, weren’t going to let the 80s be forgotten. That’s why they teamed up with several other collaborators to put together this interpretation of a rally-style 911 Carrera, designed in form and function to be both a daily driver and capable off-roader.

The motivation came from the spirit of the Baja-style desert races that play a significant role in California’s racing history. And in true rally form, this 911 features a lifted suspension, off-road lighting, a roof rack with spare tire, and skid plates. It’s a highly presentable vehicle set for auction on April 10 in association with RM Sotheby’s during Luftgekühlt, with all proceeds benefiting the Autumn Leaves Project, a charity dedicated to funding pancreatic cancer research. Early estimates indicate the vehicle should sell for between $100,000 and $150,000.

1985 Porsche 911 Rally Car 2

1985 Porsche 911 Rally Car 3

1985 Porsche 911 Rally Car 4

1985 Porsche 911 Rally Car 5

1985 Porsche 911 Rally Car 9