Auction Block: 1983 Toyota SR5 Pickup

In the world of small, all-terrain trucks, Toyota has consistently set the bar by conceptualizing the ultimate 4×4 platform for outdoor enthusiasts. And although the manufacturer’s modern-day offerings have become exceedingly large, the ‘80s were an entirely different beast, full of miniature variants that were built for quick excursions.

The 1983 SR5 pickup you see before you was certainly one of Toyota’s most popular models, and with good reason. A 2.4-liter inline-4 engine and 5-speed manual transmission are mated to the vehicle’s loaded 4×4 system, capable of traversing everything from rocks and boulders, all the way to rut-embued trails and manicured roadways. On the interior, Master Craft R/S bucket seats, custom front kick panels, power steering, and a RetroSound stereo/phone setup give the SR5 a modern feel — but the pickup’s performance upgrades are the real standouts here. Stainless-steel swivel brake lines, TRD positraction, 5.29 Richmond gears, and upgraded 33-inch tires bring the Toyota into a whole other realm while traversing the toughest trails around.

Purchase: $33,000