Auction Block: 1976 Porsche 935 Group 5 Turbo By Kremer

It’s not uncommon to see custom cars take on the personality of their owners, and often times, the builders even have a say in a few of the design choices. The 1976 Porsche 935 Group 5 Turbo by Kremer Racing is one such auto, combining the aesthetic expertise of the brand’s long-running Porsche customization with a client’s unwavering love for Ice Green peripherals.

The 935 was originally a special ordered 911, a legendary Porsche tailor-made to meet the initial client’s expectations. Complete with a bespoke metallic Ice Green paint job, a “leather to sample” all-green interior, and unique door and dash panels that share the same ubiquitous hue, the car was shipped to Kremer in Germany to undergo additional body customization. It was there that the 935 racing package was installed, which included custom fiberglass bodywork from head to toe, a dual quad-tipped exhaust system, and power-adjustable bucket seats. The car retains its original 3.0L turbocharged flat six and four-speed manual transaxle, and since it’s headed to the auction block at RM Sotheby’s on December 8, it’ll also include an extensive list of authentic service records and factory certificates — well worth the expected $200,000+ price tag.

Purchase: $200,000+