Auction Block: 1976 Land Rover Range Rover

Photos: Mike Maez

Not all cars are built to be remembered forever, but others are icons that become so mighty it seems they will never be toppled. A symbol of utilitarian design, and a trend setting 4×4 that debuted way ahead of its time, this 1976 Range Rover by Land Rover is the quintessential example of a car that cannot be forgotten.

Spending its first few years of life on the road in Belgium, this Range Rover was recently restored by Roveria Classics of El Salvador after being owned by a Central American coffee farmer. The 414-hour revival included stripping everything down to the chassis for fresh paint and a complete reassembly of the entire rig, ensuring that this truck will be blazing trails through the urban jungle for many miles to come. Life has been good to this particular unit though, as it has original owners documents and is complimented by a certificate of heritage from the British Motor Museum.

Purchase: $70,000+