Auction Block: 1975 M151A2 ‘Wolverine’

If you’re looking for a fun off-roader, you could certainly head down to a local dealership and get something passable. However, if you want something with a bit more style and chutzpah, you might want to consider hunting down something a bit more unique – like this 1975 M15A2 ‘Wolverine’ that’s up for sale.

Built to U.S. Military specifications, this little side-by-side boasts a 4-cylinder inline 4-stroke 2.3-liter engine with 71 horsepower – which might not seem like a ton, until you realize that it weighs just 2,500 pounds. And it’s not all about the engine, either, as this little devil also has 12-gauge steel body panels, a full roll cage, Baja seats with 5-point racing harnesses, and a fording kit that allows it to drive through water as deep as 60 inches. But it gets even better than that: this bad boy is totally street-legal. And it can be yours for just $29,900.

Purchase: $29,900