Auction Block: 1975 Ford Bronco

Ford’s fantastic Bronco platform has been exposed to a number of bespoke iterations following its debut in 1966, and as one of the most iconic vehicles in the American manufacturer’s catalog, it goes without saying that the well-built SUV has garnered an allure all its own. The Ford Bronco shown here is one such variant — a model from 1975 that’s retained its classic appeal amidst a slew of modern upgrades.

This 1975 Ford Bronco was originally built with the company’s sought-after Sport Package — giving drivers access to a limited-slip rear and front differential, skid plates, an engine block heater, and a number of other accents. Suffice to say, the platform in question has been heavily modified since its debut, adopting a set of 4” Zombie Apocalypse fender flares, a forward-opening clamshell hood, and interior seating pulled straight out of a 1968 Mustang. To do its bidding, the Bronco calls upon a performance-oriented 302ci V8 engine, complemented by a modern camshaft, headers, and exhaust system to give it a persona far removed from its brethren. Aesthetically, the vehicle’s three-inch lift, BF Goodrich all-terrain tires, and bikini top contrast perfectly with its Fabtech spare wheel carrier, situated at the rear. An inherently pleasing Flatz “Desert Storm” tan colorway ties everything together. If you’re in the market for a classic offering that’s sure to turn some heads, you can place a bid on BringATrailer’s website.

Purchase: $8,500+