Auction Block: 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Building factory cars that were overpowered street behemoths was the norm with every 1960’s American manufacturer. The 1970s was no different, and this Ford Mustang Mach 1 is living proof of the insane street performance you could roll off the lot with five decades ago.

First delivered to a dealership in Medford, Oregon in autumn of ‘69, this pristine example was spec’d with a 351 Windsor V8 bolted to a four-speed close-ratio manual transmission, which funneled power to a Traction-Lok differential. The original owner also opted for a shaker scoop intake, power front brakes, and even an AM radio, showing there was more to this driver then just going fast. The Mustang’s subsequent owner rebuilt the engine and made various upgrades to the suspension and braking systems, additions that did not detract from the original intent of the vehicle. All this done over almost 50 years, while only racking up 69K miles on the tach and retaining the original interior. Amazing.

Purchase: $28,000+