Auction Block: 1969 Toyota 2000GT MF12L

In the world of Japanese automobiles, the Toyota 2000GT is considered one of the finest cars ever to hit the pavement. And while any trim of this classic four-wheeler is going to be a desirable one, the scarcer they are, the more we find ourselves wanting to get behind the wheel. And that makes this ultra-rare 1969 Toyota 2000GT MF12L one of the most drool-worthy ever.

Beyond its immaculately-kept appearance — including a near-perfect exterior, gorgeous cabin, and an engine bay so clean you could eat off of it — this Japanese vehicle has some pretty big things going for it. For starters, it’s one of just two models that came with an automatic transmission. While purists might decry a non-manual, it does make it rarer and easier to drive. It’s also still equipped with its original 2.3L Type 2M-B engine, which is still very much in working condition. But the best part of this particular ride is that only nine MF12L-trim 2000GTs were ever made — making this perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime chance to snatch one up. It hits the BH Auction Tokyo Terrada auction block starting Saturday, September 7th.

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