Auction Block: 1969 Ford Bronco

We all understand the generational appeal of a classic Ford Bronco. It’s an American icon, a timeless SUV that ushered in a new generation of 4×4 trucks, and a fundamental iteration that paved the way for many of today’s most prominent offroad vehicles. That being said, it’s become extremely difficult to find an unmolested example, especially in the case of Ford’s boxy 1960-era platforms. And that is exactly what makes this immaculate 1969 model is all-the-more special.

The 1969 Ford Bronco you see here is said to have been bought directly from the estate of its original owner in 1991 with only 17,877 miles on its odometer. As a pristine example of the company’s first-generation SUV, and in an attempt to keep the vehicle as close to its original state as possible, its new owner refused to have it restored, opting instead for years of painstaking upkeep. Aside from conventional fixes, like a new mechanical fuel filter, water pump, thermostat, and battery, this handsome 1969 model remains completely unrestored, boasting the same paint, interior, and body as it did on the factory floor. It’s even got the first-gen vehicle’s original 302 CI V-8 2 barrel engine, making it undeniably attractive for prospective collectors. Head over to Mecum’s website, where the Bronco is listed in July’s Indy 2020 auction, for more information.

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